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AI Can't Doodle!

In this humorous talk I share how doodling gives us humans a competitive advantage over machines and AI.

Click on the picture to view the TEDx Talk

AI in Insurance 

Is AI all smoke and mirrors? Talked to a group of insurance experts that AI will take over many insurance activities and how to be prepared.



In this keynote at Prague, Czech Republic - I use doodling to convey complex information in a short timeframe.

At the BBC (Building Business Capabilities) Conference, FL

Sharing my experiences on Digital Transformation.

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International Conference on Computational Intelligence in Data Science

(Please forgive the audio quality)

Here's a snippet of the full talk where I shared the challenges business people face in rolling out machine learning into their organization.

At IIITDM Kancheepuram

Goading students to find and leverage their 'competitive advantage.'

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At IIM Vizag 

Talking to future managers about why they have to worry about AI and data.

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Sample Topics I speak on

  • The Future of work
    • As the future changes, how do you think, transform, and thrive in it?
    •  This talk is for a general audience to understand AI and its impact on their personal lives.
  • A Blueprint for Digital Transformation with AI
    • Today any company that is going through transformation has to consider AI as an integral part - just like a few decades back, every company had to consider the Internet.
    • This talk is for managers and leaders who want to drive change in their organization through AI.
  • Architecting your enterprise for the future
    • As you transform your company, you don't want to build up business and technical debt. 
    • This talk is for architects, business and technical analysts of the enterprise so they can make the right decisions to reduce debt.
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