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Got a Blueprint for Transformation?

Most companies are on a continuous transformation journey, and rightly so. Today, the world around is changing at a fast pace. There is more competition, new technologies are changing business models, and customer expectations and attitudes are changing. If companies don't continuously adapt and innovate, they will bite the dust.  Transformation is the name of the game, but the exercise requires a strategic and deliberate approach.  A blueprint is a starting point for transformation.

Every company has constraints

As you embark upon your transformation journey, you will have constraints that you have to account for and operate within. Formulating a grand plan, without accounting for these constraints is a useless exercise because you end up with a strategy that cannot be executed.  

Take reality into picture as you consider your options.


What is Enterprise Architecture? Do you need it?

Enterprise architecture is a way to understand how an organization works. We have often made it too complex in some cases and worried about the mechanics of EA rather than focusing on the value it provides. Here, we focus on understanding the core concepts after which we can worry about the mechanics. EA should be the foundation for any business transformation. ‚Äč

What is Artificial Intelligence anyway?

Artificial Intelligence (and its sub discipline machine learning/deep learning) has recently gained a lot of attention and businesses are scrambling to implement AI.   AI is expected to revolutionize the world, on a much grander scale than even the Internet.

So what is AI and all this fuss about? Watch the video on the right to find out.  


How to bring AI into your organization?

Even though the corona virus (COVID-19) outbreak is happening and people are working from home/remotely, we all need to continue to learn and improve our skills and knowledge.  

There's a good way, and there's a better way - to infuse AI

I'm talking about infusing AI into your organization.  Do you want to be a Macy's or an Amazon? They both use the internet but in completely different ways.   One is thriving while the other is on life-support.  


Develop your people

As business changes, so will the jobs that people do.  The reality is that some jobs will disappear, giving way for new jobs to be created.  Few people can predict the future with any degree of certainty, and we can only extrapolate from the current and the past. 

A very smart group of people who started the first AI project in 1956 (John McCarthy, and group), thought they could replicate the functionality of the human brain over a summer.  Here we are in 2019, 63 years later, and nowhere close to the original goal.  There is ways to go, but jobs are changing because of AI. Your people have to be provided the right training and environment to grow and adapt.

Artificial Intelligence still needs architecture

One of the big mistakes companies make is to deploy AI as an isolated project or projects.  While it is fine to do that in some cases, if you are planning to scale your implementation, and reuse your data, your machine learning models, and share computing resources, you should architect your systems and business processes in a way that business should be agile.  AI after all should be leveraged as a technology, extremely powerful nevertheless, to deliver business value.


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