Hey there! I'm Raj

Ready to simplify the artificial organizational complexity to enable action? Then you're in the right place. 

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I teach people how to think.  Yes think! 

And in this complex world with so much stuff going on, you need to be able to think clearly about your job, your future, and about technologies like AI so you can adapt to whatever the future throws at you. 

Are you ready?

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A little more about me

I help people and businesses flourish in the future. I love to solve complex problems, frame them in an easily understandable way, and help implement solutions that make your life better.

I know a lot about Artificial Intelligence (the future technology), Architecture and Process (how companies work), Technology (the enablers of business), and Digital Transformation (how to adapt to the future). I'm good at Communication (simplifying complicatedness), and with a Soft Demeanor (easy to work with), I can help you transform with ease.

You can also check me out on LinkedIn and my videos on YouTube.

I'm a professional speaker, author, consultant, advisor, and architect.