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Book - AI & You: Think About Your Future

This book is for you to think about and get prepared for your job in the future. The world is changing at breakneck speed driven by new technologies such as AI. Almost certainly, your job will be affected by AI, but there will always be a role for humans for the foreseeable future. The question we try to answer in this book is, "how do you adapt to that future?"

I give some tools and techniques that you can apply to yourself to position yourself better.

$14.95 USD

Initial 1-on-1 Consultation for individuals

A one-hour remote one-on-one consultation with Dr. Raj Ramesh.

This is an open ended consulting where we can cover your general questions on topics like AI, architecture, adapting to change that's happening around you, or should you study AI/ML.  

Typically people are interested in this one question - "How do I transform myself for the future?"

Position Yourself for a Better & Brighter Future

Where are you in your career now? Wouldn't it be great to transform yourself to place yourself at a competitive advantage? 

We have a small-group mentoring program that might be suitable for you.

To give the personal coaching, I've restricted it to only seven people at this time. If you think you'd be interested, check out more details by clicking on the image above and see if you qualify.

Make a Fantastic VC pitch

Are you an AI startup looking to get VC funding? Then check this product where I help you design a craft a video message to make the best pitch you can.