Are you an AI startup and need to make a pitch for venture funding?

Venture capitalists are busy people because they get a lot of ideas pitched to them. In this crowded market, how do you differentiate yourself and yet communicate your ideas in less than five minutes?

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What we accomplish together?

I help AI-based startups pitch their ideas to VCs by using whiteboard videos. The secret is not merely to tell a linear story but to effectively bring together the whole picture in on a page.

Here is how this would typically work.

  • My expertise is AI systems, business strategy, and architecture. So I understand how AI can be integrated into the business and how it will generate tremendous value.
  • You bring domain expertise and the story that you want to tell.
  • Together we design and co-create a short video that communicates the essence of your message tailored to what venture capitalists want to know.
  • Typically this covers topics like your core idea, your team and their qualifications, what have you done so far, the market scope, and your financial projections.

Take a look at my YouTube channel to get a sense of the format of these videos – not necessarily the content.

Why Me?

Best Value

I come with a combination of experience which replaces the roles of a technologist, business strategist, architect, story teller, and video creator. 

AI Expert

I have a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence - hence I'm deeply familiar with the discipline.

Understand what VCs look for

I have worked with a number of VCs and understand their perspectives.

Let's Do It